Text Box: Sandra Davies - Dominant Distributor
Text Box: I personally attend to your orders, and will deliver to your door at no extra charge  (within local area)
Picture of SandraDominant HeaderText Box: Sandra Davies
6 Lenkunya Court
Eltham North Vic  3095
(Melway Map 11 Ref H-10)
Telephone: (03) 9439 0323
Mobile: 0438 390 322
Email: sandra.davies@bigpond.com
Text Box: I also do various festivals and markets in the Diamond Valley area. 
Click the  “Where to find me”  tab for my current market/festival schedule.

Earth Care

Products showing this sign have been developed under this program equal or exceed the world’s most stringent environmental standards. They contain no phosphates or formaldehyde and have rapid primary and ultimate biodegradability.

Dominant minimises packaging waste through the use of refillable containers and recyclable materials.


Garden Safe

All of our laundry, dishwashing and selected personal care products are suitable for use on your garden. Please refer to our Water Conservation flyer for all the information you need on specific products and which areas of the garden they can be used on.

What makes a product Garden Safe? 

- Moderate pH level 

- Low salinity 

- Phosphate free or low phosphate

If watering with a hose (using grey water), it is important to move the hose around to different areas. Doing so will prevent increasing the pH level or build up of salinity in the soil.

Septic Safe

For those of you who live in a non sewered area, you will be happy to know that a large percentage of our products are suitable for use in conventional and aerated (such as Envirocycle® and Biocycle®) septic systems.

What makes a product Septic Safe?

- Low alkalinity or mild acidity                    - No toxic chlorine

- Non poisonous                                         - Readily biodegradable

Dominant Cares

We care about child safety. We use natural non-toxic ingredients and include a bittering agent called Denatonium Benzoate to help prevent accidental ingestion by young children.

Cruelty Free

No Dominant product has been tested on animals.


Look for this symbol indicating our antibacterial products for ultimate hygiene.

Australian Made

Proudly 100% Australian made and owned.